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The Problem with Staff Augmentation:

Many companies look to staff augmentation, either a direct hire or consultant, to solve short-term staffing needs. A direct hire provides an organization with a single contributor who focuses on a specific competency area with  minimal strategic value. This very often turns out to be a long-term solution to a temporary problem when you consider the high cost of engaging a permanent hire. The short-term hire from a staffing/consulting firm, on the other hand, may not be able to get close enough to the problem they are hired to solve as they are not an integrated member of the team. It can also be difficult to  integrate the consultant into your work processes, especially if you work with multiple vendors. Using a revolving door for staffing can create more work instead of less and create a situation where the knowledge you need to move forward walks out the door when the contract is up. When used as a permanent model, staff augmentation can disrupt the entire system of IT management as the resources expended to accomplish tasks may not accelerate the process. IT project costs gradually become bloated, and the hired consultants rarely have the skills necessary to affect long-term outcomes.

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